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Jeroen with a Bugatti Type 13 Brescia

A lifelong classic car and motorcycle enthusiast as well as Automotive Engineer, Jeroen has 25 years of vintage auto experience within different levels of the industry.

Jeroen's love of classic and collector cars was seeded by his PL 17 Tigre driving father, who exposed him to anything and everything automotive during his youth. Car meetings and automusea were all places he could be found on any given weekend and above all else, it was the race cars competing at the famous Zandvoort racetrack that intrigued him most.

His interest in technical design made him already construct several working motorbikes and restore classic cars before he was even allowed to drive them. He then started working on Rootes group motorcars and preparing Alpine's, Mini's and Midgets into FIA approved race and rally cars eligible for events such as the Tour Auto and Rallye de Monte-Carlo Historique.

In his spare time Jeroen always enjoyed restoring Junior Zagato's, Fulvia's as well as eight and twelve cylinder sportscars. During his academic years he also acquired working experience in Campogalliano, Sant'Agata Bolognese and Modena. Since 2001, he works as an independant classic car consultant and lives with his family in Geneva, Switzerland.

While Jeroen's passion for historic motoring covers a broad spectrum of the collector car market, he has a particular penchant for European sports cars, with a focus on Gandini designed wedge shaped cars and 1950's Etceterini's. He also takes a keen interest in automobilia and Breganze built motorcycles, as well as other passion-driven hobbies such as collecting fountain pens and Swiss watches.

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