AMS 273 Ford Cosworth in the 1973 Targa Florio driven by Vito Veninata and Gaetano Lo Jacono AMS 273 Ford Cosworth in the 1973 Targa Florio driven by Vito Veninata and Gaetano Lo Jacono

A.M.S. Motor Cars

Attrezzature Meccaniche Speciali

After his graduation in Aeronautical engineering, Dott. Ing. Tancredi Simonetti starts his automotive career at the Officine Stampaggi Industriali in Borgaro Torinese. In 1967, O.S.I ceases the development of cars as an independent automotive construction company and closes its Centro Stile e Esperienze design department in November.

Simonietti continues his career at the Automobili Turismo e Sport in Pontecchio Marconi, Bologna. He works with A.T.S founder Carlo Chiti and later Giacomo Bianco on the development of the 1000 SP for the hill climb championship. A.T.S struggles to finance its activities and during the spring of 1969 Simonetti starts to create his own racecar in a small garage in Casalecchio di Reno, Bologna.

His Simonetti 1000 prototype is largely based on the structural design of the A.T.S 1000 SP. Later that year, he establishes Attrezzature Meccaniche Speciali S.r.L and moves to bigger premises in the via dell'Artigiano 20, Sasso Marconi, Bologna. Soon after, A.T.S closes its doors and most employees follow Simonetti to his newly registered A.M.S.

AMS 273 during the 1000 km of Monza in 1973
AMS 273 during the 1000 km of Monza in 1973

He also forms the Scuderia Autoracing team and starts building one and two seater racecars. The A.M.S racecars outclass the opposition in terms of technical excellence; build quality, reliability and ease of maintenance. They are to be found driving in leading positions in every National two-seater sports car race.

Produced in about 90 specimens, the cars from Sasso Marconi meet the expectations of a wide group of pilots, passionate gentlemen and determined drivers such as Ezio Baribbi, Luigi Moreschi and Mauro Nesti.

The 1000 SP and later followed by 1300 and 1600 engines, mostly from Alfa Romeo, Ford Cosworth and Fiat.

In 1976, starts a study for a new two-seater, it is started the study of a two-seater for engines of 1.3, 1.6 and 2.0 liters, characterized by a chassis dimensioned more (especially in terms of pitch and roadway) and by extreme aerodynamic bodywork.

The body has a distinctly wedge shape, with a pronounced front overhang and a very pointed nosecone, high sides and spoilers, interior encased in the upper profile and large spoiler cantilevered tail. Air supply to the engine comes from a Periscope behind the driver. The new A.M.S Tipo 277 is designed for a wide variety of engines with capacities ranging from 1300, 1600 and 2000 cc to be able to compete in every National two-seater class.

AMS 277 1600 Sport Proto from Luigi Moreschi Racing
AMS 277 1600 Sport Proto from Luigi Moreschi Racing

The 1977 season sees the A.M.S 277 actively present in all national competitions, especially in those valid for the Manufacturers' Championship where most heated confrontation are being battled between Chevron, Lola and March.

The Tipo 277 will be even more perfected for the 1978 season with upgraded suspension and updated aerodynamics. The car is also available with the in-house two-litre engine designed by Simonetti in collaboration with Minghetti. The four-cylinder 16-valve DOHC engine features mechanical injection.

As with the previous season, the Scuderia limits its presence to National Italian competitions, due to the crisis in the racing industry and the progressive loss of sales. In 1979, A.M.S retires from racing, but continues to construct new cars, deliver upgrade services as well as support. Simonetti also starts business diversification into areas completely unrelated to motoring.

Meanwhile, the Tipo 277 continues to win its class in the hands of privateers such as Victor Bernasconi, Jerome Caci, Odoardo Govoni, Nardari Mario and Roberto Villa.

Definitely the most exciting A.M.S is the 385 horsepower V12 Lamborghini Miura powered prototype build to order for an American national. This one-off Gruppo 7 Can Am racer was built in the start of the 70's but disappeared tragically.

AMS Prototipo with V12 Lamborghini Miura Engine
AMS Prototipo with V12 Lamborghini Miura Engine
1970 Targa Florio
#218 AMS SP Alfa RomeoMaurizio Zanetti/Giorgio Pianta
#256 AMS SP FordLuigi Moreschi/Patrizia
#260 AMS SP FordUgo Locatelli/Paolo Gargano
1971 Targa Florio
#20 AMS SP CosworthUgo Logatelli/Gianpiero Moretti
#71 AMS SP Alfa RomeoStefano Buonapace/Demetrio Martino
#84 AMS SP CosworthMauro Nesti/Paolo Gargano
1972 Targa Florio
#60 AMS SP FordFrancesco Cerulli Irelli/Mario Barone
#63 AMS SP FordStefano Sabastiani/Antonio Palangia
#64 AMS SP FordFrancesco di Matteo/Lubar
#66 AMS SP FordCesare Garrone/Eugenio Tinghi
1972 1000 km Buenos Aires
#44 AMS FordCarlos Pace/Angel Monguzzi
1973 1000 km Monza
#42 AMS 273 FordFrancesco Cerulli Irelli/Martino Finotto/Manfred Mohr
#43 AMS 273 AbarthFrancesco Cerulli Irelli/Carlo Zuccoli
#57 AMS 273 FordPasquale Anastasio/Cesare Garrone
1973 Targa Florio
#43 AMS 273 Alfa RomeoArrigo Cocchetti/Antonio Vimercati
#47 AMS 273 FordVito Veninatta/Gaetano lo Jacono
#63 AMS 273 Alfa RomeoGuiseppe di Cristoforo/Pietro Lo Piccolo
#65 AMS 273 FordPasquale Anastasio/Giovanni lo Voi
#68 AMS 273 GilibertiSalvatore Barraco/Guiseppe Virgilio
#69 AMS 273 CosworthIgnazio Manzo/Egidio Nicolosi
#82 AMS 273 CosworthLucien/Massimo de Antoni
#83 AMS 273 Alfa RomeoAlberto Dona/Odoardo Govoni
#84 AMS 273 FordStefano Sebastiani/Antonio Palangio
#86 AMS 273 CosworthAntonio Bramen/Jokrysa
#87 AMS 273 CosworthGianfranco la Mazza/Massimo Cavatorta
#91 AMS 273 CosworthNoel/Silvano Gravina
#93 AMS 273 CosworthGiampaolo Ceraolo/Popsy Pop
#94 AMS 273 CosworthErasmo Bologna/Vincenzo Ferlito
1974 Targa Florio
#41 AMS 274 CosworthAntonio Palangio/Antonio Carrotta
#63 AMS 274 CosworthAntonio Bramen/Mauro Nesti
#65 AMS 274 CosworthPaolo de Luca/Mario Rovella
#96 AMS 274 CosworthLuigi Sartorio/Giampaolo Ceraolo
#97 AMS 274 CosworthCentonze/Molinari

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