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1967 Fiat Dino 2000 Spider

Fiat Dino 2000 Spider

  • 1967
  • 68.500 km
  • 135AS 0000139
  • CH & EU title
  • CH & EU taxes paid
  • Sold

This elegant 1967 Dino 2000 Spider, finished in attractive White over a Black interior, is part of the first batch of 500 original Spiders that left the factory gates between March 1967 and March 1968.

First series Dino Spiders feature a dashboard with distinctive metal inlay and are fitted with the compelling knock-off Cromodora alloys. Their all-aluminum 2-litre V6 engine breathes through triple DCN carburetors and delivers 160 hp.

Chassis number 139 was assembled in the Rivalta factory just south of Turin in May 1967, and was first sold on the 15 June 1967 to a Mr. Schmid from Milan, who registered the Dino under number MI EO 9721.

After having enjoyed the Spider for some 38.300 km, the Dino was acquired by its second owner who officially imported the car into Switzerland on 20 May 1989. It crossed the border at Saconnex and was registered VD 40747 in the Canton of Vaud.

The Dino then passed on to its third owner who purchased the car on the 20 January 2000 with 53.180 km on the odometer and registered the car in the Swiss Canton of Geneva under GE 334376.

The fourth owner registered the Dino Spider on 20 August 2001 in Geneva under number GE 498735. He enjoyed the car until 22 April 2004 and then commissioned Burgol Automobiles to sell the car.

Since September 2005, this matching numbers Spider has been with its current owner, a dedicated Fiat Dino enthusiast, who purchased the then 38-year-old Spider with just 57.200 original km.

While in his possession, the Dino was sent to Crescia automotive restorations, where it would undergo a multi-year nut and bolt restoration. During the restoration, every inch of the car was restored to the highest of standards.

The entire car was stripped and brought down to bare metal, with all areas of corrosion being treated or replaced, and painted in original Bianco Duco 212. The body is straight and sound with consistent gaps and panel fit.

The black interior was restored with correct black basket weave upholstery, black door panels and trim. All of the original Veglia Borletti instruments are in very good order, as well as the switches knobs and controls. The black canvas top is excellent and fits perfect.

The jewel-like numbers matching engine was rebuilt by marque expert Vauseyon, as was the transmission, steering box, and the rear end. The engine compartment is wonderfully detailed and highly correct. Of course, everything works as it should and the driving experience is outstanding.

In total, over 50.000 Euro was spent making this Dino Spider one of the finest in existence. The entire restoration process is fully documented with hundreds of photos detailing the extensive build.

Thanks to the efforts of its passionate owner, this is an honest, very correct and highly sought after first series Dino Spider that has been exceptionally well maintained since restoration.

This Dino will be supplied with Swiss - Carte Grise - registration documents as well as valid Swiss MOT as veteran until June 2021. Naturally, this Fiat Dino Spider is easy to re-register in the European Union.

Fans of the gorgeous Fiat Dino can thank the motorsport rule makers at the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile for its existence. Since usually when automotive anoraks start talking about homologation specials, it concerns thinly veiled race or rally cars for the road. But the Fiat Dino was a different kind of homologations special: A luxurious GT car built to help Ferrari get their jewel-like 2.0 liter V6 engine legal for international Formula 2 open-wheel racing.

As a highly prolific marque with an ever-growing heritage, Ferrari drew increasing admiration from motor enthusiasts around the world in the early 1960s. Amongst all of Ferrari's many achievements, fresh in the minds of the Maranello faithful lay the legendary manufacturer's success in Formula Two, to which Enzo Ferrari himself devoted much more than just time and effort.

Following the untimely death of his son Alfredo Dino Ferrari in 1956, Enzo decided to honour his memory in the most fitting way possible. Powered by the first ever Dino V6 engine, Ferrari's 156 F2 racer cemented Dino's legacy by achieving considerable success throughout its lifespan, winning its first race at Reims in '57 and chalking up a string of victories all the way up to the end of the 1960 season.

However, Ferrari's F2 success story looked destined for a sorry end in 1965. As stipulated by newly released FIA regulations for the '67 season, the V6 F2 engine would need to be derived from a production-based unit powering a high performance GT-homologated road car, of which 500 units were required within 12 months.

At that time, Ferrari could not increase its production capacity enough to sufficiently optimise the vehicle, even on this specialised scale. Hence, driven by the desire to continue his son's triumphant legacy, Enzo elected to contract a successful manufacturer who could do justice to such an important vehicle: Fiat. And so, powered by a two-litre Ferrari V6 charged with upholding the illustrious aura of the Dino name, the Fiat Dino 2000 Spider was born.

Its history alone makes the Fiat Dino 2000 Spider a true labour of love and passion, but it was even more than that. Brilliantly engineered by Fiat and designed to perfection by Pininfarina, the 2000 Spider experienced its debut at the 1966 Turin Motor Show.

It was not just a work of automotive art, but also a bonafide sportscar with an unprecedented racing pedigree. Onlookers were so taken in by the stunning vehicle that orders far surpassed the original run of 500 examples, leading the incumbent Fiat president Gianni Agnelli to commission a second series of 600 cars shortly thereafter.

Even in a star-studded environment like the Turin Motor Show it is not hard to see why the 2000 Spider attracted such incredible attention. Never before had a Grand Tourer been bestowed with a race-derived engine, let alone one as successful as Dino's defining achievement.

The two-litre V6 stands proudly in the line of Dino engines as a unit designed with core racing principles, incorporating a revolutionary blend of aluminium and magnesium to enhance longevity and keep weight as low as possible, thus maximising the car's handling and dynamic capabilities.

Nor had any Grand Tourer been manufactured with such a high standard of research and expertise. Naturally the importance of the 2000 Spider necessitated an extremely thorough testing regime, which employed a fleet of more than 25 examples over a wide variety of harsh environments in the pursuit of uncompromised performance.

The Dino testing programme's effectiveness can be left in no doubt, as the finest minds in the industry came together to ensure that Fiat and Ferrari's high standards were closely adhered to.

Indeed, with the vast experience of engineers such as Aurelio Lampredi at its disposal, the Dino programme helped to develop a prestige sportscar independent of the restrictive technical constraints typical of mainstream manufacturing, and was thus undoubtedly worthy of bearing the Dino name.

A total of 1.133 production cars were created from March 1967 to December 1968 and the fruits of Fiat and Ferrari's labours are still plain to see, with a highly coveted group of 400 examples having survived up to the present day.

These vehicles are the true manifestations of Dino's legacy, and they continue to exude the performance and quality of the 1968 world championship-winning Ferrari 166 F2 that they were so crucial in developing.

The Fiat Dino Spider has been considered a cult classic for many years, as it combines all the passion of a Ferrari with some additional practicality, making for a perfect weekend driver.

In recent years, Fiat Dino Spiders have become highly sought after for their rarity, collectability, and driving dynamics, following in the footsteps of their mid-engined cousins. With its next owner, this Dino Spider will undoubtedly be a conversation starter wherever it goes.

1972 Fiat 500 Lusso

Fiat 500 Lusso

  • 1972
  • 95.000 km
  • Restored
  • Italian documents
  • EU taxes paid
  • Sold

1968 Fiat 500 L

Fiat 500 Lusso

  • 1968
  • 56.000 km
  • Restored
  • Swiss documents
  • EU/CH taxes paid
  • Sold

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