1973 Ferrari
365 GTB/4 Daytona
1973 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona
Cor Dees Laverda
Museum Collection
Cor Dees Laverda Museum Collection
1999 Isdera
Commendatore 112i
1999 Isdera Commendatore 112i
1930 Bentley
4.5 Liter Le Mans
1930 Bentley 4.5 Liter Le Mans
1996 Ferrari F50 1996 Ferrari F50
1947 Bentley Mark VI Saloon 1947 Bentley Mark VI Saloon
1967 Fiat Dino 2000 Spider 1967 Fiat Dino 2000 Spider
Terzo Dalia Ferrari 250 Engine scale 1:3 Terzo Dalia Ferrari 250 Engine scale 1:3


world-wide collector car expertise

We buy, sell, broker, locate, consign and appraise exceptional classic, sports and collector automobiles, arrange transport, customs formalities and registration.

Jaguar, Ferrari and Maserati expertise, though our collection includes a wide variety of other superior antique, vintage, prewar and race cars.

« We value our clients and understand the philosophy of a discrete private transaction »

We are constantly looking to source and acquire classic cars and also handle complete collections, motorcycles, spare parts and motoring related memorabilia. If you are considering selling a vehicle or would like us to market an entire collection please do contact us.

One important example of our strength was the sale of Cor Dees' Laverda Motorcycles Museum collection. Bonhams wasn't able to match our offer and we successfully handled the sale of the entire collection.

Contact us when you are serious about owning or selling a fine classic motor car. Geneva, Switzerland-based, we serve clients world-wide.

VIA THEMA; passion, disguised as business

Established in 2001, VIA THEMA began as a modest business based on the founders love of classic cars & motorcycles. Over the years however, we have become one of the worlds leading authorities on classic motoring. Many of our customers return again and again seeking our knowledge and expertise to help build their collections.

That said, we are not so much an auto dealer as we are a matchmaker. Classic cars truly are one-of-a-kind works of functional art. The right automobile becomes part of the family. We work with our clients to ensure the car they select is one that fits perfectly with their lifestyle and expectations.

We specialize in discrete, private transactions. Most of the cars we sell are not publicized, or even listed prior to sale. Contact Us if you are serious about owning a fine classic or sports car. We also sell on commission for vendors.


The vast majority of our cars are bought by clients throughout the world on the foundation of trust and the strength of the service we provide.

If you are serious about owning a fine classic or sports car, Contact Us.

Find Your Classic Car

Only a fraction of the motor cars sold by VIA THEMA ever becomes official inventory. We often find classic & sports cars for select customers long before they hit the open market.

If you would like us to find you a specific motor car and would prefer not to spend all day e-mailing or telephoning dealers, brokers and private sellers, we can probably save you time and help you make the right choice.

You may choose to have us work for either a daily retainer if you would like to negotiate with the seller yourself, or a percentage fee if you prefer us to act on your behalf from start to finish.

We're a leading specialist of the classic car market. Let us know what you're looking for.

Classic Cars Wanted

We are looking for the following cars. If you do have any of the below listed vehicles - and you are ready to sell - please Contact Us.

Untill 1971 also Fiat and Simca based
Bristol, Cobra, 428
Alfa Romeo
Prewar, 6C, 8C
1900 Sprint, Super Sprint, SSZ, Convertible
Giulietta Sprint Speciale, Sprint Zagato I & II
2600 Sprint Zagato
Giulia GTA, GTC, TZ1, TZ2
Tipo 33 Stradale
Junior Zagato
J2 Cadillac
Graber Coupé & Convertible
Roadster & Boattail
Aston Martin
DB2, DB2/4 Mark III, DB4, DB5, DB6 Volante
100 M, 100 S
Prewar, Mulliner, Young, Park Ward
A3C, GT 5300 Stradale & Competizione
327, 328 Roadster, 507, M1

Please feel free to Contact Us, even if your car is not listed.

We are currently looking for several Mille Miglia eligible cars to participate in the next edition. All offers will be handled with utmost consideration.


As brokers of fine automobiles, we also provide specialist valuations of vintage, classic and collector cars as well as classic motorcycles for insurance, finance, legal reasons, acquisition and sale.

Please note that we only carry out written valuations. Contact Us for more info on valuations.


We can arrange transport, by land, sea or air, to any destination in the world including customs formalities and local registration. CARS is our appointed shipping firm. They also provide event and rally support.

Please note that local road registration restrictions may apply in certain countries (for example, certain modern supercars may be difficult to register in the USA if not originally homologated).

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Classic Cars
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